Article I:                   Name –       

                         The name shall be “The Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Curling Association”  (S.F.F.C.A.)

 Article II:                 Aims –

                         a).        To promote curling among the membership of the Provincial Association throughout the Province of Saskatchewan.

                         b).        To select a representative to compete in the  annual Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Championships

 Article III:               Affiliation –

                                     The Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Curling Association shall be affiliated with Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Association and the Saskatchewan Curling Association

 Article IV:                Membership –

                         a).        Membership shall be open to all active members and retired professional fire fighters in Saskatchewan and any member who is no longer active as a fire fighter, may be eligible to curl if they were members of the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Curling Association for a least ten    (10) years.

                        b).        A volunteer who is no longer an active fire fighter, may be eligible for membership if they had been on the active list for a minimum of ten (10) years.

                        c).        Membership shall be open to all volunteer fire fighters who have been active for one (1) year of the current curling year.

                        d).        Each volunteer department entering a team or teams in the play downs must submit to the Provincial Director a letter on their fire departments letterhead stating that the member is in good standing         within  their own fire department and that they have been an active member for a minimum of one (1) year, which shall be signed by the Fire Chief of the Department.    

                        e).        Teams participating in the S.F.F.C.A. Provincial Play Downs or “Spiel” may be from a Saskatchewan fire department or brigade by approval of the provincial Executive: but must be a twelve (12) month permanent resident of the community they represent and must meet the requirements as laid out in this constitution 

                        f).        If a city / town has a combined volunteer /  professional fire department they may enter a team consisting of any combination of volunteers / professionals.  They must abide by the rules as laid out in the

                                    Article IV Membership, clauses (b) to (e) inclusive. 

                        g).        Any team participating with an ineligible player, shall be disqualified immediately from further play.  All monies paid for the individual and team registration shall be forfeited

                        h).        Dues and assessments will be set annually by the Board of Directors


Article V:                  Dues –

                         a).        Dues and assessments will be set annually by the Board of Directors (of the S.F.F.C.A.) 

                        b).        Anyone not having paid his / her dues one week prior to the designated provincial play downs dates will not be eligible to curl in the provincial play downs.

                        c)         New teams – a new team is deemed as such if they have three (3) of their members that have NEVER been a member of the SFFCA and they will be allowed to enter the provincial event for an entry fee of 50% of the full entry

 Article VI:                Executive Officers –

                         a).        the Executive officers of the Provincial Association shall consist of:

                                    -Provincial Director / Secretary



                        b).        Each to be elected for a two (2) year term at the annual general meeting

                        c).        Elections of these potions to be staggered as follows:

                                    -President and Treasurer on odd years

                                    -Director / Secretary on even years

                        d).        Elected officers will commence their term of office thirty (30) days after the completion of the Canadian championship.

 Article VII:              Board of Directors –

                         a).        The Board of Directors of the Provincial Association shall be comprised of the Executive and members of the participating play downs.  the voting delegate will be as follows:

                                    -one (1) designated vote from each participating member in good standing in the current Provincial play downs.          

                        b).        Members of the Executive, with the exception of the President, will not vote unless as delegated delegate.

                        c).        The President will cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie. 

                        d).        All members of the Board of Directors will be members in good standing with the Provincial Association. 

                        e).        They shall be responsible for the Administration of the Provincial Association                                

                        f).        The elected Executives on the Board shall decide dates, locations and the draw for the provincial play downs.

                        g).        the delegates from the center hosting the Provincial Play Downs shall be responsible for all arrangements.

 Article VIII:                        Duties of Officers –

                         a).        Provincial Director / Secretary:

                                    -Shall keep a written record of all proceedings at the Executive Officers Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

                                    -He / she shall be responsible for all correspondence and information of the S.F.F.C.A.

                                    -He / shall be the main contact person in regards to fund raising and sponsorship for the Provincial association.

                                    -He / she shall prepare and distribute all bulletins of the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Curling Association.

                                    -He/she shall ensure the fulfillment of duties by Host Committee

                                    -He / she shall ensure that the Host Committee for the provincial play downs carry out the following duties:

                                                -Supply of suitable and sufficient ice

                                                -Appointment of sufficient members to or committees to handle necessary work.

                                                -Accommodations for out of town teams


                                    -He / she shall represent the S.F.F.C.A. at the Canadian Fire Fighters Curling Championships and be the liaison with the C.F.F.C.A.

                                    -He / she shall abide by all rules and demands as stated in the C.F.F.C.A. constitution.

                         b).        President:

                                    -Shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors and at the AGM

                                    -He / she shall assume the duties of the Provincial Director / Secretary in his / her absence

                                    -He / she along with the Provincial Director / Secretary shall have the power to investigate the eligibility of any player entering the Provincial Association 

                                    -When it is found that a player has violated the bylaws of this association, he /she shall call the executive to act on such a complaint

                         c).        Treasurer:

                                    -He / she shall be responsible for the collecting and recording of all monies.

                                    -He / she shall present a financial audit statement at each annual general meeting

                                    -He / she must sign all cheques drawn on the S.F.F.C.A.

                                    -He / she shall be responsible for the payment of the Provincial Association cheques to be signed by himself / herself and any other Executive member. 

 Article IX:                Annual General Meeting –

                         a).        The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Provincial Play Downs each year.  Any member in good standing may attend.

 Article X:                  Quorum Rule –

                                    A quorum will consist of six (6) or more of the Executive and Directors combined and sufficient notice of the meetings shall be given.

 Article XI:                Constitutional Amendments –

                         a).        The Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Curling Association may be amended by the Board of Directors present.  Proposed amendments of the S.F.F.C.A. constitution may be submitted by any member in good standing with the Association in writing to any member of the Board of Directors, prior to or at the Annual General Meeting to discussed and voted on at the AGM.

                        b).        Any member in good standing can present a resolution to the C.F.F.C.A. annual meeting or proposals to amended the C.F.F.C.A. constitution by forwarding in writing, in duplicate, copies if same – one to the C.F.F.C.A. President thirty (30) days in advance of the Canadian Directors meeting.

 Article XII:              Rules –

                         a).        For the provincial finals – the S.F.F.C.A. will abide by the Saskatchewan Curling Association rules.

                         b).        All changes are subject to the approval of the Executive Officers of the Provincial Association.

 Article XIII:                        Disbursement of Funds –

                         a).        What the SFFCA will provide for the team going to Nationals

                                     –           Flights and all travel expenses while at Nationals

                                    –           Provincial Jackets c/w name and Provincial crest

                                    –           Rooms/accommodations while at Nationals

                                    –           The CFFCA provides each player and director with 2 shirts for competition

                          b).         What the winning team is responsible for at Nationals

                           –        Any extra clothing other than what is listed above

                                    –        Any extra cresting other than what is listed above

                                    –           Gift exchange prizes – will need 5 gifts for each of the 11 teams plus 3 for the CFFCA executive

                                    –           Cost of food for their host night supper

                          c).        The SFFCA will determine on a yearly basis if there is enough funds to provide the items in Article XIII (a) and (b).  If the funds are not available, then the winning team may be responsible for providing some of these costs.

                        d).        The SFFCA will provide the host committee a value of up to $25 per member that attends the provincial playdown to be used for suppers during the competition.

 Article XIV:             Order of Business –

                         a).        Reading and approving of the minutes of the previous meeting

                        b).        Reports of the Officers

                        c).        Correspondence

                        d).        Reports of the Committees    

                        e).        Unfinished Business

                        f).        New Business

                        g).        Good & Welfare

                        h).        Election of Officers

                        i).         Adjourn

 Article XV:               Elections –

                         a).        Officers will be elected by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote.

                        b).        If there are more than two nominees.  If there is not a two thirds (2/3) majority the nominee receiving the least amount of votes shall be dropped off the list and another vote will be taken. 

                        c).        When there is only two (2) nominees for a position the nominee receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.


Article XVI:             Provincial Draw

                         a).        the Executive of the SFFCA will be responsible for making the draw and seeding the teams for the provincial event

                        b).        The draw will be derived from the SCA handbook – most current edition

                        c).        The draw format will be determined by the Executive and the amount of teams that enter the competition

 Article XVII:           Rules Governing Meeting –

                         –           The meeting of the S.F.F.C.A. will be governed by the Atwood’s Rules of Parliamentary procedure.

 Adopted January 31, 2014

 Revision January 27th, 2017

Article XIII (c) read:

c).  The SFFCA will determine on a yearly basis if there is enough funds to provide the items in Article XIII (a).  If the funds are not available then the winning team may be responsible for providing some of these costs.

Article XIII (c) revised:

c).  The SFFCA will determine on a yearly basis if there is enough funds to provide the items in Article XIII (a) and (b).  If the funds are not availablethen the winning team may be responsible for providing some of these costs.

Proposed by Dale Nixon, seconded by Paul Comfort carried the 27th of  January 2017 and entered into the constitution the 18th of February 2017 by Director Garnet Zummack